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Effective Manner Of Securing Big Open Areas

Immediately after I started out a security agency I got excited the moment the owners of the open-air stadium in our town called us to handle that location. The venue is usually used for baseball and football games as well as concerts so it is essential that tight safety measures be set up there.

The first thing on my list was to set up wireless surveillance cameras everywhere. With such a big space to cover having additional eyes would help my security personnel significantly in ensuring that the site as well as the people inside are protected.

Surveillance cameras are used for watching subtly over activity in any place. These help in capturing troublemakers in the act to ensure that order as well as safety is maintained.

I picked a 16 channel wireless DVR system to cover all parts of the stadium. This system contained a standalone 16 channel DVR 12 day/night color wired bullet cameras 4 day/night color wireless bullet cameras with matching 2.4 GHz video receivers video cables as well as a 17-inch LCD monitor.

What I love regarding surveillance camera systems is that they come with everything required to perform surveillance. Also the fact that everything is available in a bundle eliminates the hassle of locating and buying each piece one by one which can be complicated and a total waste of time and funds.

The embedded DVR feature enables videos to be viewed realtime online in order that the stadium owners can keep track of activity wherever they choose. It is good to also have day/night cameras mainly because these have the ability to record even in low light conditions.

Having a combination of both wired and wireless cameras is perfect. Wired cameras offer the advantage of a nonstop power supply while wireless ones dont have problematic wires. The latter are commonly run by an 8-hour rechargeable battery pack making it very easy to move them around.

Bullet cameras are small in size so they can be mounted even in difficult-to-reach spots. I remain quite sure that installing wireless surveillance cameras throughout the town stadium would fortify security significantly.



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